Process Assurance :
  • Barcode scanning before packing
  • Image recognition assurance
  • Optical registration during production
  • Xenon test chamber (UV)

Quality Control :
  • Experience Quality Assurance & Control Team
  • Ear Cushion Acoustic Test
  • High-low temperature test chamber (Environmental Test)
  • Packing and Transporting tests
  • Drop tests
  • ISO9001 accreditation

Acoustic Performance Test :

    With our well-equipped laboratory, we can test ear pad cushions and provide the frequency response under certain conditions. We are also able to adjust the frequency response by using different materials and changing structures.

Environmental Friendly and Safety :
  • RoHS & REACH compliance for all raw material
  • In-house RoHS testing equipment (sharing with the Group)
  • Spacious and good air flow working environment
  • Provide training to workers on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Protective equipments are provided to workers for all hazardous works

Intellectual Property :
  • Our Interests. We Care Too!
  • E-locker software for confidential documents
  • Electronic access control cover all area
  • 95% in-house tooling fabrication